About Feldenkrais®

Photo courtesy of Rosalie O’Connor. Used with permission of the Feldenkrais Guild® of North America.

“The Feldenkrais Method is the most extraordinary way of
human abilities I have encountered.”
-Walter Witryol, MD, Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine

At its most fundamental, the Feldenkrais Method® is a system of movement education. It helps people to learn how to identify their unconscious movement habits, to become more exploratory and curious about movement, in order to discover new movement options. It is similar to yoga, in that it encourages people to move mindfully. However, it is structured quite differently than yoga, in that there are no prescribed held postures, firm exercises, or stretches. The emphasis is on the quality of the movement itself, the variety of movement options, and how every part of the structure of the body relates with or connects to one another.

Feldenkrais® epitomizes the “it’s the journey, not the destination that matters” approach. By becoming more aware of their movement subtleties and learning how to vary their movement patterns, students can find ways to overcome their limitations.

Feldenkrais® is highly beneficial in the following ways:

1) It is an excellent way to encourage people to move more mindfully (rather than on “auto-pilot”) during every moment of their movement practice

2) It can help people to discover and overcome habits which may cause limitations or injuries

3) By discovering subtle new ways of moving, it can help them to overcome a “plateau” in their practice, allowing them to move gently up to the next level

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