About Lisa


My name is Lisa Hueske and I was born and raised in Houston, Texas. I lived my teenage years in Cleveland, Ohio before going to the University of Texas at Austin. After receiving my BFA in Dance from UT, I became a Guild Certified Feldenkrais Teacher® at the New York Feldenkrais® Teacher Training under the tutelage of Dr. Larry Goldfarb.

I have been a Movement Educator for over 20 years and currently teach at Austin Feldenkrais® and Ballet Austin. As well as being an educator, I have been dancing professionally for many independent choreographers and companies in the great city of Austin for over two decades.

I continue to practice and learn from teachers in dance, yoga, meditation, and other somatic and spiritual studies to help me continue to grow as a Feldenkrais® Teacher, dance teacher, choreographer, and performer. I am also an experienced outdoors person and believe it is vital for my health and others to spend time in the elements of nature: whether it’s in the backyard, a walk in the neighborhood, the rural mountains, the ocean, etc. I think that everyone needs fresh air, some sunlight, and dirt in order to maintain wellness. (That’s Big Bend National Park up there. ❤ Pictures by Callie Richmond)

Through the brilliant work of Feldenkrais®, I became interested in moving “smarter and not stronger,” and recovered from acute, chronic, traumatic injuries, and gained natural strength. I currently use this method of movement education to help myself and my clients develop awareness of the mind/body, prevent and recover from injuries, enhance physical and artistic performance, and increase comfort in everyday life.