“I am 77 years old. I have been a student of Lisa’s off and on (because of things in my life not anything to do with her) for almost seven years. I totally credit her with my current posture and the fact that I am able to walk and manage most of the physical needs in my life…..walking, carrying groceries, reaching for things, etc., etc., I keep the time of my Feldenkrais class open no matter what is going on! (ALMOST) I get to my class even on my BAD DAYS. As various ‘injuries’ have occurred she has helped my get over them and function while healing was in progress. I keep thinking of how much ‘better’ my life could have been if I had started this at 20 instead of 70!….But better late than never!”

– Laura, Retired Teacher

“Lisa and her Feldenkrais changed my life. Five years ago my shoulder pain was so bad I couldn’t open a door or hold a cup of coffee. I tried a year and a half of physical therapy, some acupuncture, yoga, Rolfing, had MRIs, steroid injections, and was about to have the nerves severed when I found Feldenkrais. After just a few visits I could feel things starting to shift. I kept with it and today I am 100% pain-free. I can not only lift my arm, but go rowing, do handstands and live my day to day life pain-free. Lisa’s understanding of body movement is incredible, and her personality is kind and professional. I highly recommend anyone experiencing pain to give her a try!”

– Aurora, Violinist and Orchestra Director

“As a Feldenkrais Practitioner, Lisa has helped me regain flexibility and better health. Through her gentle practice and instructions, I have regular F.I. lessons and a home routine that allows me to unwind and regain a wider range of movement, especially in my shoulders, upper back and hips. I’m very grateful to know her and my body is continuously becoming more supple. My awareness of my ‘acture’ (versus posture) has improved also and most importantly I am kinder and gentler to my body. Lisa is a gift to the healthcare community and Feldenkrais is a great alternative to physical therapy.”

– Flo, Life Coach

“My first introduction to the work of Dr. Feldenkrais was some time in the mid or late ’70s when I attended a one day Awareness Through Movement workshop along with two good friends. Being so long ago, I remember little of the details of the workshop, except for one thing that I remember clearly as if it were yesterday. After one particular lesson done lying on the floor, when I stood up, I was standing so effortlessly straight that I could not understand how such a dramatic change could have happened. My friends were astonished and commented about the obvious change. Although there were many participants, I felt that the workshop leader must have tailored that lesson particularly with my terrible posture in mind. At the end of the workshop, I mentioned that to him, with gratitude, and he confirmed my suspicion.

“Some years later, I was still struggling with poor posture. To make matters worse, I had been working for several years in an office, tied to a desk for long hours. I somehow or other heard about Cynthia Allison, who had completed Feldenkrais training and was starting to practice in Austin. I started seeing her regularly and continued to do so for quite a few years. She was wonderful and I just cannot express how much she helped me over the years. Every lesson I had with her was unique and profound. The feeling I often have after a lesson (Functional Integration) is so difficult to describe. For me, it borders on mystical at times. Allison, as she was called, moved away from Austin to my disappointment.

“After some time of missing the benefits of regular Feldenkrais work, I decided to see Lisa. Before Allison left Austin, she had recommended her as someone who would work well with my particular issues. I was surprised to experience quite a difference in style between the two practitioners, yet the effects of the lessons remained the same. For me, there is just nothing to compare with the Feldenkrais Method. Although I have seen Lisa regularly for several years, every lesson is completely novel and absolutely never fails to leave me feeling profoundly better walking out than walking in. Although I have read much of what Dr. Feldenkrais wrote, I still understand very little of what it is that she does. Sometimes Lisa works in such a subtle manner that I can barely imagine anything is happening at all – then – seemingly out of nowhere comes change, often dramatic, sometimes more subtle, yet there is always an enhanced feeling of organization, greater ease of movement and a feeling of well being. On days where I arrive with some particular distress, there is always the experience of relief which is sometimes quite dramatic. My wife has also seen Lisa quite a few times. She says Lisa has the hands of an angel with which I wholeheartedly agree.”

– Harvey, Retired Government Employee, Meditator

“I sought Lisa out on the recommendation of my violin teacher, for help with pain and lack of mobility in my left shoulder and arm that I feared was going to force me to stop being able to play. Traditional physical therapy had not helped. A desk job hunched over a computer aggravated the problem.  

Lisa’s “magic” touch with the Feldenkrais method has greatly helped release the patterns of movement and tension that cause the problem. The pain is gone, and I have improved range of motion in my shoulder.

Lisa and the Feldenkrais method have also helped me to notice with precision how I hold and ‘use’ my head, neck, shoulders, arms, back and hips, not only when I’m playing violin, but also as I work and go about daily life. With this awareness, and some simple, easy movement exercises that Lisa has suggested, I can make my own changes to free up my playing, and to move around with more comfort, less tension, and more freedom.

I highly recommend Lisa and Feldenkrais method if you are among the many string players who experience pain or tension when playing, or if you’re experiencing pain from other repetitive motion or cramped postures, such as computer desk work. It’s been a great relief and a real eye-opener to learn a natural way to relieve pain and tension, and to have access to much more freedom in playing and moving.”

– Diana, Lawyer, Violinist

“Because of various chronic muscle and joint pains, I’ve worked with many, many types of practitioners over the years — and Lisa stands out head and shoulders as one of the most talented people I’ve ever worked with, someone who really transformed me. I watched her relieve and eliminate the years-long shoulder pain of my violinist friend (who’d tried physical therapy, rolfing, you name it) before going to her myself while recovering from hip surgery. I’d gone to various practitioners for the acute phase of surgery recovery (physical therapy, alexander technique, muscle activation technique) but then I plateaued and was stuck in a frustrating, mild pain pattern that wouldn’t go away. I remember crying with relief after a lesson with Lisa when I finally felt that I could move my frozen left shoulder again. Or taking a long walk and marveling that my hips felt connected to my spine in a way I didn’t’ realize was possible. I have pretty good body awareness, but when I was trapped in tension cycles I couldn’t break on my own, Lisa was the one who freed me.”

– Frances, Musician

Lisa’s intuitive grasp of the Feldenkrais philosophy and method allows her to work at an extraordinarily subtle level to allow for the greatest potential during her Feldenkrais sessions. Lisa is very gifted and would highly recommend her to anyone who wishes to have a truly classic Feldenkrais experience.”

– Cindy, Retired